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This Hawaiian word represents our goal: to move you forward, to improve.

Experience and Expertise

Here, you can expect advanced clinical knowledge, experience, and skill in treating your problem. Receive modern manual therapy and evidence-based treatments in each session.

Customized and Consistent Care

Receive one-on-one, compassionate care from a physical therapist interested in your goals and challenges. Each treatment plan will be derived from your unique physical history and examination. Your time is valuable. Seeing the same physical therapist each visit, ensures consistent treatment, efficient progress and communication with your physician.

Mahalo for Choosing Holomua Physical Therapy

Physical therapy requires doing the right thing at the right time. Start by making the right choice for your rehabilitation. Choose Holomua Physical Therapy. Let's Move Forward together!

  • Myron

    I was diagnosed with Vertigo a few years before being referred to Ryan. It was a surprise, because the Doctor stated that I needed Physical Therapy. Anyhow, on my initial visit, Ryan taught me several exercises to use and after several visits to his office, the vertigo disappeared. I was satisfied and grateful for his help, as he taught me what causes vertigo and how to help myself in the event it happens again.